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7 Things Your Customers Wish You Knew About Them

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7 Things Your Customers Wish You Knew About Them

Gaining customer loyalty is a crucial step in growing your business and building your brand. One of the first milestones in starting a company is achieved when you finally gained faithful customers from several failed accounts.

Through this patron, news of your excellent customer service will spread across town.

And your sphere of influence will finally get bigger.

It is by planting a good seed that you can reap a bountiful harvest in the future.

Maintaining a high influx of demand for your products and services keeps your company mobilized. Especially, in reaching your target sales and revenue. And keeping your customer loyal and satisfied can this be achieved.

Therefore, your business’s sustainability dramatically depends on how well you interact, transact, and build relationships with these consumers. Excellent customer service is the most effective marketing strategy that will keep your business hustling for a long time.

To build healthy customer relationships, you must exert every effort to get to know your consumers. And the things they want. Making them feel prioritized is your goal. And taken care of and that ultimately, you are capable of finding them a viable solution.

Just like any relationship, build your customer’s trust and loyalty after you establish good communication with your customer. Here are some of the things your customers wish you knew about them to help you get a better understanding.

1. Customer service quality weighs heavier than service speed.

The customers value your service quality more than the time it takes for you to get your job done. The speed of your transactions is not a good indicator in measuring the success of your accounts.

While it does significantly affect the level of satisfaction that your customers get. What matters most for them is how you took care and made them feel special during the whole process. Excellent customer service will always win over speed.

Although the customers are willing to wait to get the highest quality of service that you can provide. You should never take their time for granted by being inefficient with your processes.

It is vital to render the best quality of service and products, but this should not stop you from being cost-effective in how you do things. Excellent customer service married with speed is a combo that will surely knock your competitors out.

2. Customers know what they want. You just need to guide them in getting the most out of their time and money.

Always bear in mind that the consumers are well aware of the products and services that they are looking for. You don’t need to bombard them with your hot products and special deals.

This will only leave them confused and pressured. You would not want to start a relationship with such negative feelings. Respect their space and let them state their concerns at ease.

Some may show up undecided, but you should still be careful in being too upfront with how you present them with your products and services. Ask them for a specific range that they are comfortable in spending with and lay down their options with much care and consideration.

Remember that the consumer’s formula in getting a good deal is by finding one with the highest quality and lowest price. Help them get a good deal, and they will surely come back for more.

3. Your smile goes a long way.

This is a small act that produces such a big impact. Bank customers will likely choose to transact with a teller with a beaming smile over those who look bored and uninviting. A fine smile, together with other pleasant gestures, can induce a welcoming feeling to your customers.

Every customer wants their presence to be known and acknowledged. Other examples that can create a significant change are good eye contact and a gentle voice tone.

These simple acts of kindness can easily earn you a loyal customer. With this, you should always be careful with your body language as it is a gateway that can lead you to high customer retention.

Especially in online transactions where your message’s general tone can be easily misinterpreted, the use of stickers and emojis can make a big difference. By adding a few smileys here and there, you can already maintain a positive tone and control the conversation’s overall mood.

Feelings are harder to transmit online and reading the customer’s mood is such a difficult puzzle to solve. That’s why it is so important to be more careful in choosing your words and constructing your messages to still appear respectful and kind even on screen.

4. Listen attentively to what the customers are saying.

Before finding a solution, you must first need to understand fully what the problem is. The customers will provide this information and your only responsibility is to be a good listener. Listen as if your life depends on it.

Focus on absorbing every inch of detail so that you can efficiently solve the problem in one go. Do not try to interrupt and let them state their concerns as much as they want to.

By just listening, you’re already making them feel that you care and that you are very much eager to help them solve their problems.

Listen so that you can also identify the gaps where you can fill in. You are an expert in that specific field, and the customers expect you to know their narrative by heart.

Before supplying the information that they need, you need to carefully listen so that you can pinpoint the things your customers are well-informed of and the things where they still need your help on. You can only help them if you have completely grasped the situation by pausing and listening.

5. “Tell me your name, and I will tell mine.”

Every customer loves personalization, and the first step in getting personal is by exchanging names. Before starting a conversation, you should always introduce yourself and provide a nickname your customers can call you with.

This is a basic customer service etiquette that is now often forgotten. Do not expect customers to be comfortable with a first name basis if you did not provide your nickname in the first place. Show them that you are ready to build a good customer relationship by making the first move to break the ice.

Getting customer names are not just meant for data collection and keeping. The customers expect you to remember their faces and names. Beyond personalization, memorizing customer names is a skill that can help establish customer loyalty in the long run.

It may be a difficult task, but this will make the consumers stay and support your business.

6. Level up your personalization!

Aside from having a first name basis, customers love personalization and loyalty programs. Some are even willing to pay more to acquire personalized goods and subscribe to such exclusivities.

Once you have gained their trust with the quality of your services and products offered, you need to get them attracted and hooked by making personalized items and exclusive programs available for consumption.

Personalization is a cheap investment with a high return. By making the customers feel special, your brand will highly benefit from the positive feedback and referrals that they will be making.

There’s no doubt that consumers join loyalty programs not just for discounts and freebies, but most importantly, to satisfy their desire to be in a state of belongingness. Nobody wants to be left out.

With a strategically made loyalty program, you can increase your customer loyalty and retention and your lead generation. This is your opportunity to attract new people who are interested in becoming a part of a private group that can enjoy exclusive benefits.

Make a program too exquisite for anyone to resist.

7. For consumers, honesty is still the best policy.

You don’t have to be a panacea and offer solutions to all of their problems. You need to be an honest doctor who will diagnose them and tell them the truth about their situation in the most heartfelt and genuine manner.

If the product or service that they need is beyond their stated budget, kindly tell them the truth and provide them with well-thought-out alternatives. If Plan A won’t work, prepare Plans B to Z and show them the different possibilities and scenarios.

Let your customers think and decide for themselves. They have their boundaries, and you will surely know if they are willing to step out of these to proceed with a sale.

If your customer is still undecided and unsatisfied after considering several contingency plans, maybe it’s time to finally accept that your company is not the right fit. You need to be honest not just to your customers but also to yourself.

Know your business and the capacity of products and services that you provide. Do not try to fool the customers just to close a deal.

Let your honesty and good customer service speak for your business, and you will surely be surprised by the level of customer loyalty and retention that you have gained.

With these helpful tips that straight out came from the consumers, you will respond better and build stronger relationships with them. A better understanding of how your customers think and feel will help you give out customer service quality that will satisfy them the most. 

The customers know that they are not always right, but you should let them feel otherwise. Start planting good seeds with your customer service and get ready to reap your future success!

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