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Virtual Assistants: Why You Need Them And How To Hire One

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Virtual Assistants: Why You Need Them And How To Hire One

You finally finished the never-ending pile of tasks you have in just a short period and still have the rest of the day with your friends and family. Or maybe spend it on your own—some alone time.

You’re probably thinking, No. That’s impossible, only in my dreams.

Well, lucky for you, it’s not just imagination, and it can happen in real life. 

We are here to share with you a secret of successful professionals on how they can stay productive and motivated despite the countless things they have on their to-do list. Let’s get started.

Your new best friend – Virtual Assistants

What is a Virtual Assistant? A Virtual Assistant is someone who typically provides administrative services from a remote place. Because of the advancements of technology today, a person can perform tasks in the comfort of their homes without sacrificing the quality of their work. In short, they are like your secretary, except the internet is your “workplace.”

But they are not just limited to administrative tasks. Some Virtual Assistants have the specific knowledge and skills for a specialized industry. For example, you can hire a virtual assistant for marketing purposes, research duties, or even creative work. You can ask virtual assistants to do nearly anything, and you can expect them always to deliver.

Wait. I’m still not sold.

What EXACTLY does a Virtual Assistant do?

Maybe you are telling yourself, this is TOO GOOD to be true. No way they can do nearly anything.

That is why we made a list of some of the most common assigned tasks for Virtual Assistants. Depending on your business, we are sure that you will find what’s best for your unique needs.

Here’s the list:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Receptionist Duties
  • Scheduling
  • Data Presentation
  • Email Management/Filtering
  • Research
  • Data Entry
  • Transcription
  • Calendar Management
  • Organizing Files
  • Managing Social Media
  • Managing Content
  • Event Planning
  • Recruitment
  • Hotel and Flight Booking
  • Lead Generation
  • Search Engine Optimization=
  • Social Tasks
  • Personal Tasks
  • eCommerce Management
  • Proofreading
  • Web Design
  • Excel Work
  • Basic Photo/Video Editing
  • Copywriting
  • Real Estate Purposes
  • Human Resources
  • Public Relations tasks
  • Take Product Photos/Videos
  • Accounting


Didn’t see what you’re looking for? Another good thing about Virtual Assistants is you can talk to them. Tell them what specific tasks you need, and they can make arrangements to get it done for you.

Virtual Assistant is a NEED 


You have to be honest. You can’t do everything on your own. Maybe it’s time to reach out for a helping hand?

We understand. It’s difficult to admit that you need something as it means that it’s imperative and it will cause drawbacks if you don’t get it as soon as possible. In that sense, how will you know if you already need a Virtual Assistant? What will you gain from it? How will it help you to be successful?

We have just the right answers for you. We listed down the benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant.

It buys you time and You don’t even have to pay too much


We’re talking about two important things here: time and money. Time is gold. Time is money. Familiar? 

When you’re starting a business or even if it’s already in the growing stage, you need all the time you can get to run operations. But the tasks on your table can get too overwhelming that you’d wish it’s not just 24 hours a day. Maybe make it 25 hours. Or even 30 hours. This is where a full-time secretary or extra staff comes in.

They do the time-consuming tasks while you divert your attention to the matters that need it most.

Problem solved! Or is it? Not quite.

Hiring an additional full-time staff means you have to pay for the equipment they’re going to use. You have to look for an office space where they can work and of course, pay the electricity bills to keep the lights on. Throw in sick pay, taxes, and many other expenses too. In short, it can get expensive. Not to mention, the recruitment process can be exhausting. 

At least you get more time, right?

Well, this is why a Virtual Assistant must be a NEED for you.

A VA gives you more time without excessive expenses. Because of the internet, they can work remotely, and you won’t have to think about these overhead costs. Just delegate the tasks that need to be accomplished with the correct instructions and the next thing you know, they are completely checked off your to-do list. 

In simpler terms, Virtual Assistants are big time and money savers. You can’t separate these two as they greatly affect each other. When you waste your valuable time on a task that you shouldn’t be doing, you are not moving forward. Virtual Assistants are great investments for your business.

You can get things done while living your best life


We know what you’re thinking; these two don’t go together. It’s either you drown yourself in work, or you won’t be successful. It’s almost as if work is your life, right?

But what most business professionals don’t know is that it’s a big mistake to think this way. They tend to believe that working hard is synonymous with achieving success. This will only cause burnout, which then leads to the failure of your business. We don’t want that for you. And yet another reason for you to hire a virtual assistant.

You don’t have to be in your office and sit in front of the computer 24/7 to finish more tasks. You’re a human being. You have a family, friends, tv shows or films you’ve meant to watch, restaurants you want to try. You have to rest. In short, you have a life to live. If you have to sacrifice any of these for your work, you will not get close to real success.

Just think of it this way: offloading the time-consuming and repetitive tasks to your Virtual Assistant allows you to have work and life balance. You don’t have to waste your time on these day-to-day responsibilities but instead, think of the next big step of your company. And the best part? You get to do these while spending time with your loved ones. Perfect.

If you are ready to hire a virtual assistant, send us a message.

You can focus on your growth


Now that you have extra time, you have to know how to make the most out of it. 

What’s your next plan? 

What are the most crucial aspects of your business? 

How will you gain or maintain financial momentum?

With the help of a Virtual Assistant, you have the time to think of solutions for these questions and challenges.

Because they take care of the routine work, you’re able to pay attention to the things that matter the most. You can focus on the core operations of your business. Or the factors that generate the most profit. You can do strategic planning – assess and define the direction you want to take. 

It can also help you produce more quality work. Without having too much on your plate, you have more time and energy to focus on tasks that require your direct attention. 

There are many things you can do, and it will all boil down to one thing – these are all for the growth of your business. 

But remember growth not only for your business but also for yourself. 

Maybe take a business class? 

Attend a seminar? 

Read a new book? 

Widen your knowledge on this matter. 

You must learn the new trends in the industry and update your skills to further keep up with your competitors and the changing times.

By focusing on your growth, you’re allowing yourself to go back to the things you love.

You will remember that this business is not just a way to provide for your necessities, but also to do the things that you love most. 

By freeing up your time, you give yourself space to find that passion and motivation to achieve your goals again. 

How to Hire a Virtual Assistant

If you’ve already reached this part, it means one thing: you already need to hire a virtual assistant, and you need to know where and how you can find them. No need to look anywhere else, we’ve got you covered.

First, you have to know the tasks that you’re going to assign to a virtual assistant. Take a pen and paper and start writing down the repetitive and mundane tasks you’re already doing. Also, put on the tasks that are not your expertise. Make sure that your list is complete to find the right virtual assistant for you.

Second, make a job description and post it online. It’s essential to have a detailed job description to avoid confusion and disappointment on both sides. 

The good thing is that Virtual Assistants have been in demand for the past years, and there are a lot of reputable sites where you can find the perfect one that will fit your needs.

Third, the interview process. It’s suggested to have a video call with your potential candidates as it’s considered to be the next best thing to personal interviews. 

In this way, you’re not only able to ask about their past work experiences and skills, but you can also see their personality and evaluate if they’re easy to get along with. It’s also important to communicate with them your expectations for them to perform accordingly.

Last but not least, don’t give up. We know it can be tiring to talk to a lot of different people, but it’s crucial for you to not settle for less. After all, a Virtual Assistant is part of your business, and if they fail to meet your expectations, it would just be another wasted time and effort, and you can’t afford that to happen. Find the best fit for your business needs, and you will eventually reap the rewards from it.



Don’t wear too many hats. Just wear your best one.


You don’t have to do everything in your business. Yes, you own it. But it doesn’t mean that every role is for you to accomplish. Instead of wasting your time on mundane tasks, wear your best hat. 

Do the things that you’re good at. 

Do something where you can be your best self. Instead of working hard, work smart.

You can work smart by admitting you need a helping hand and getting one. This help can come in different forms and ways; it’s a VA in your case. 

Save Money


Balances your work and life. 


Frees up your time for more important things. 


And all of these come at a reasonable price. It can’t get any better than that.

Looking for a Virtual Assistant is also not rocket science. You just have to know what you’re looking for, spend some time on the internet, and talk to people. Sooner or later, you will find the right one to help you be more productive and elevate your business. You will realize that the time you spent on the recruitment process is worth it.

Now that you know the secret of entrepreneurs to the road of success, it’s time for you to start your journey. 

Are you looking forward to getting started? We are glad to help you. 

Hire a virtual assistant at JobsDone.


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