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Technical Support

Technical Support Matters Too

Before we get into any confusion, let’s differentiate customer support and technical support first. These two terms often overlap, but it’s essential to know that they have their functions. The main goal of customer support is to make the customers feel that they are valued and appreciated. To help them experience your product or service to the fullest. It’s all about the experience – prompt replies, friendly conversations, well-thought-out solutions, and a lot more. When we say technical support, the issues they deal with must be related to technical problems of products. Let’s say the customer has a hard time logging in to your product. The technical support team must be ready to fix the problem. Your customers must get a positive user experience for them to continue using and supporting your product.


Phone Support

Unhappy customers will always be present, and they often turn to call the companies to let out their frustrations. Our Filipino representatives are trained to handle these situations correctly.

Email Support

It can be challenging to construct a technical support email without sounding too confusing. Our Filipino representatives have the skills and patience to write emails that will provide the proper solutions to the customers’ technical related issues.

Chat Support

Filipino representatives are good listeners and they will make sure to accommodate customers’ technical concerns in real-time.

Advantages Of Outsourcing Technical Support

Outsourcing your technical support enables you to divert your attention to more important matters of your business.

Reduces Cost

Less Stress

Customer Retention

Outsourcing enables you to cut expenses and save resources. You won’t have to go through the headache of spending excessive amounts on infrastructures, equipment, and human resources.

By offloading the technical support responsibility to us, the pressure of your team will be lifted, and they can focus more on their designated tasks.

JobsDone hires highly-skilled individuals and train them properly to satisfy the customers’ needs successfully. If customer satisfaction is high, you will gain their loyalty.

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