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Customer Service

Great Customer Support, Greater Success

The company’s customer support team is just as important as the other teams. Take care of the customers you already have than waste your funds on advertisements. If you want to survive and win the high competition, you might want to prioritize your customers’ satisfaction.

Customer support is not all about being polite to your customers. It’s not just answering requests with robotic tone and scripted messages. Customer support is about making sure your customers get the most out of your product or service. It’s about offering empathetic assistance and building personal relationships with your customers that will result in a positive experience. In this way, your business will gain customer loyalty and this will eventually lead to more profit and growth.



Phone Support

Having a one-on-one conversation is still preferable to other people – especially the older generation. This is not a problem to our representatives as they come from the Philippines, a country where English is a widely spoken language. Our Filipino representatives will make sure to understand the customers’ concerns accurately and give proper solutions.

Chat Support

Investing in chatbots can be a great way to give fast answers to your customers while saving time. But if you want to level up your game, it’s better to have a real person assist your customers in making them feel valued and appreciated. Filipinos are hospitable, and this will reflect how our agents will eagerly welcome the customers’ questions and requests.

Email Support

This is another convenient way to communicate with your customers. Emails make it easier for companies and customers to track their messages. Filipinos are good in English; this also applies to their written skills. Our Filipino representatives can entertain numbers of emails and construct a comprehensive response to the customers.

Social Media

Customers want quick solutions to their problems. It’s easy to voice out their concerns on any of your social media accounts. Social media has been a big part of people’s lives, and the same goes for brands. A company to have a good social media community and positive social media presence. Our agents will take care of your needs.

Benefits of Outsourcing Customer Support

Outsourcing your customer support enables you to divert your attention to more important matters of your business.

Reduces Cost

Less Stress

Customer Retention

Outsourcing enables you to cut expenses and save resources. You won’t have to go through the headache of spending excessive amounts on infrastructures, equipment, and human resources.

By offloading the customer support responsibility to us, the pressure of your team will be lifted, and they can focus more on their designated tasks.

JobsDone hires highly-skilled individuals and train them properly to satisfy the customers’ needs successfully. If customer satisfaction is high, you will gain their loyalty.

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