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Virtual Recruiting Assistants: Why Hire Them For Your Business

Virtual Recruiting Assistants: Why Hire Them For Your Business

A virtual assistant is someone who provides various services to businesses from a remote location. They capitalize on the continued advancement of technology that allows them to perform tasks even in their homes’ comfort.

They are individuals with specific knowledge and skills for a lot of industries. Virtual assistants can perform services from marketing tasks, research purposes, event management, and even creative works.

They can virtually do anything for businesses. We’ve listed these functions on this link, and why businesses need to hire a virtual assistant.

The demand for virtual assistants has increased over the years because of their versatility and effectiveness. Furthermore, the digital age has pushed for virtual assistants that utilize artificial intelligence (AI).

Like other industries, virtual assistant providers have taken a step towards using chatbots instead of real humans in providing service.

Companies now can ‘hire’ chatbots to perform tasks from customer support even up to their hiring process; these bots are known as a virtual recruitment assistant.

What is a Virtual Recruiting Assistant?

A virtual recruiting assistant is an individual or a chatbot. It aims to help reduce administrative burdens for recruiters while improving a candidate’s application process.

They help companies assist in their application and selection process, interviews, training, and all other communication processes.

Their main functions include answering candidates frequently asked questions (FAQs), screening and shortlisting from a large applicant pool, scheduling interview schedules, handling onboarding tasks, improving new hire retention, screening backgrounds, and job references.

Even doing some research on claims in resumes. Virtual recruiting assistants help a company focus its attention on more important aspects of the business.

By conducting an efficient, effective, and productive candidate search on the market.

Businesses should consider employing a virtual recruiting agent for several important reasons.

1.   Reduced Cost

Hiring a virtual assistant lowers a business’s expenses significantly in operating costs per year compared to hiring a full-time employee. Since virtual recruiting agents are usually self-employed, these agents are accountable for all expenses incurred in delivering their services.

Businesses hiring virtual recruiting assistants do not need to worry about the agent’s workspace, like Internet and phone bills.

Furthermore, since most virtual agents work part-time, their hourly rates are relatively lower than full-time employees.

For example, the Philippines’ initial rate for a virtual agent is $400 per month. Compared to $800 for a full-time employee.

Employing virtual recruiting agents also reduces training costs. Since most virtual recruiting assistants are professionals in their field, companies don’t need to train them, and they start right away.

Furthermore, suppose a company decides to employ a chatbot as their virtual recruiting assistant. In that case, vendors train them by machine learning, such that they will interact with candidates just like how a human recruiter would.

2.   Increased Productivity and Efficiency

Virtual recruiting assistants increase a business’s productivity by allowing it to focus on more important aspects of managing their company, instead of spending hours on posting job advertisements, performing preliminary screening of resumes, organizing interview schedules and processes—only to hire an entry-level employee.

Aside from increased productivity, virtual recruiting agents also help achieve an efficient recruitment process since they get more work done in less time.

This is especially true for chatbots as virtual recruitment assistants. One of the hiring agents’ biggest struggles is finding the right candidate fit for over a hundred or even a thousand applicants. It’s like finding a needle on a haystack.

AI virtual recruiting assistants make this simpler and more efficient by using their conversational abilities to learn more about applicants and their qualifications before the screening and fast-tracking of priority candidates to a human recruiter.

AI virtual recruiting assistants also help reduce scheduling burdens as they can immediately schedule an interview for qualified candidates and screen out those candidates that don’t meet the cut.

For example, Mya is a conversational recruiting chatbot used to reduce tasks for recruiters in the screening and interviewing stages.

Similarly, AllyO is a recruiting assistant that eases the burden of applicant screening and interview scheduling, while Emerson can be used for the fast-tracking of the most qualified candidates.

3.   Improved Candidate Experience

Let’s face it, the job application process is not only stressful for recruiters, but it also is for job applicants themselves. Waiting for a call to be interviewed is nerve-wracking enough, but once the interview ends and the recruiter says, “We’ll just contact you after further deliberations.”, waiting becomes torturous. Especially if after two-weeks and there is still no follow-up.

In 2017, a study found that 47% of candidates were still waiting for employers to call back more than two months after applying. But we know that by that time, the companies have already hired someone and just didn’t have the time to notify candidates that didn’t make it.

Employing virtual recruiting assistants helps keep applicants away from the black hole of not knowing their application status. Mya, for example, gives applicants an update on their status instead of keeping them in the dark.

Furthermore, with chatbots replacing human recruiters, candidates can chat with a recruiter or a hiring manager through online chat (immediately or as scheduled).

This gives candidates new ways to connect to recruiting teams while still considering recruiters’ heavy workloads.

Need A Virtual Recruiting Agent?

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