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Finding the Right One: Qualities and Skills Your Rockstar Virtual Assistant Should Have

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Finding the Right One: Qualities and Skills Your Rockstar Virtual Assistant Should Have

Training an assistant takes time and can be difficult in some cases. It can be more challenging if you are doing it from miles away, where there are no reaction features like minimal sighs, facial expression, body gestures, and other nonverbal actions.

Honestly, it is not that hard as long as they have these astounding skills and qualities. 

Even if everything is virtual, don’t you worry, as we have compiled a list of qualities, a virtual assistant should have to make your life as a business owner easier.

1. Excellent Time Management

What makes a good virtual assistant is her ability to manage her own time in the most flexible and organized manner, in constant awareness of possible adjustments. Changes in your schedule may be equivalent to changes in hers.

She must have a checklist to monitor your calendar and appointment. She must know what to prioritize amongst her tasks.  

Hire an assistant organized enough to handle their time efficiently on the tasks assigned to them, and you will have more time to focus on things that only a business owner can execute.

2. Clear Communication

Make sure to let your point of thought be clear and concise to her. And in return, as the assistant, she should successfully articulate her thoughts and reactions to words by choosing the right terms.

If she can let her thoughts across, there will be no room for misunderstanding, misreading, and misinterpretation. Short, comprehensive, and sweet explanations are key.

To be a good communicator is one of the virtual assistant qualifications, you must be able to tick off on your list.

Communicating for clarity in instructions and conversation results in minimal mistakes, thus more desirable outputs. 

3. Being Proactive and Having Initiative

You have a lot on your mind already. You should hire someone that will remind you of your responsibilities, so look for one that is proactive and has initiatives towards her role.

A virtual assistant that constantly raises substantial questions addresses problems and initiates conversations or discussions is one gold of an assistant. You would want her to save you from possible failures and downfalls.

She should always initiate getting updated. Information never stops; there always will be new ones. If the VA is consistent in being initiative and proactive, it will show that she genuinely cares about her job and client. 

4. Detail-orientedness

An assistant must understand that as you put your life on the line for your business, it is practically the same for her. Virtual assistant qualities include a mindset to go for that quality and perfection type of output.

She must never be a crammer; rather, she should know how to manage her tasks diligently. The type that will check her work several times before it is turned over to ensure that her output is flawless. One is a great catch if they practice looking and reading through work thoroughly.

It is better to work with someone with keen attention to detail rather than having an assistant who finishes her job just for the sake of sending a work output.

5. Resourceful

You are a busy, hard to reach, and in-demand businessman, she might have difficulty reaching you at times. The type of assistant you need to have should not wait for your step-by-step instructions over simple things that she can learn independently.

Instead, yearn for an assistant that is independent in getting the job done. Someone resourceful enough to get things done, with or without your input.

You can always check their output by the end of the day, but what if there is nothing to check? Better find an assistant that goes out of her way to research and reach out to other people for answers needed. If she is resourceful, there is a good chance she might be the one.

Not all problems should be reported to you. Minor problems must never reach you. If she is resourceful, a little mud puddle would not even budge her. On the other hand, if she lets her time be consumed by nothingness, she is not an efficient assistant.

6. Knows how to multitask efficiently

In a perfect world, one can get to take their time and proceed with work one at a time, but in this fast-paced reality, you do not. She could be the best at managing her time and setting her priority, but there will be times that she will be left with no other choice but to multitask.

There are due dates and deadlines to beat. A virtual assistant may have multiple clients to serve; she has to make schedules work, and accomplish multiple things smoothly. 

Her degree of organizational skill is key to make multitasking bearable. If she fails to be organized, expect a jumble in her performance. And even if she is multitasking, her outputs must still come out at best quality.

Multitasking will always be included in a virtual assistant skill set. However, this is something she will gradually learn and become better at as she flourishes. Give her enough time to learn and improve herself. 

7. Works With Grace Even Under Pressure

After going through the virtual assistant skills mentioned above, we bring you the last one to check. One’s ability to work under pressure is important. An assistant must learn how to handle all of the pressure from work gracefully, and with finesse.

If the pressure easily rattles her, she will feel uncalled for stress, and this ripples to failures and damages. Think about this; if she cannot contain her stress, how will she relieve yours?

But give her the benefit of the doubt and let her learn from experience. It would take practice and mastery to learn this skill, but once she gets a grasp of this, she will be a commendable virtual assistant. 

Two Reasons You Must Never Let Her Go:

1. If she is reliable.

Cluelessness is only valid in the beginning. She has to learn as your client-assistant relationship progresses. Allow her to make valid mistakes from time to time, but it is important to let her know that she must bounce back and prove that she is accountable.

In the long run, mistakes committed must be decreased. Do not go for the over skilled or overqualified one, what are these qualities for if they will always have excuses for mistakes, and if they fail to attend to their responsibilities.

If you are obliged to constantly check on their work, you have to clarify and ask who assists who?

They must deliver their job all the time.

2. If she has integrity.

Integrity will take you to places of wonders, whoever you are and wherever you are. As a client, you are wizardly instinctive when it comes to judging your contractors’ personalities or characteristics.

Trust your instinct, if you feel like your assistant is playing with you and making a fool out of you, observe her even more. If you are let down because she is lax, you have to let your guards up. From this point, she may be onto unethical acts like plagiarizing or taking advantage of people.

As their client, you have to encourage honesty. Let them know that it is better to come clean and apologize than to cover up and lie. Let them feel that you are approachable, and there is no need for them to hide things from you.

Always remind them of the principles you hold onto yourself.

In-Demand Virtual Assistant Skills:

Clients like you have varying needs. Everyone has a different demand. You can scour options of different types of virtual assistants that will attend to your demands. This virtual assistant skills list may help you figure out if you need an Administrative, a Technical, or a Creative assistant:

1. Administrative Skills for virtual assistants:

  • Managing: She is an expert in managing your emails, social media accounts, calendars, projects, and any other concerns you could turn over.
  • Researching: Putting presentations and reports together is a task you may get off your load work. The client can build the idea, input words, but the final look and delivery must be done by your assistant. This requires her to be excellent at researching. 
  • Booking: There will come a time that you will trust her to make the bookings for you. She must be skilled in finding the best deals there are with flights and hotel accommodations. If she has the taste to find, choose, and book the right restaurants or cafes for your appointments and meetings, this is one more pound of weight off your workload. 
  • Talking: Communication skills are indispensable when building a relationship with clients, business partners, and customers. You should require your assistant to become exceptional in this skill. One undesirable word can turn a done deal to an ordeal. 

2. Technical Skills for virtual assistants:

  • Handling a website: Websites are treated as a business facade nowadays. If the site gives a good impression, then there are more chances of earning money for the business, for you, and your employees. An assistant will be a lot more useful if capable of handling a website. If you are a boomer and a migrant in the digital age, a technical virtual assistant is the best fit for you.
  • Setting up Webinars: Webinars have become more popular nowadays, and it is quite technical to set up one. Webinars are simply seminars that take place online. If you do not want to fuss on setting up and controlling one, hire an assistant who has acquired knowledge about it. You can ask her to look up for sites or applications you could utilize. She could teach you about this as well. 
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)As a business owner, you want to make sure there is always a buzz and traffic on your websites. Hire an assistant with knowledge and specialties in SEO. She will do the tricks for you.
  • Troubleshooting technical difficulties: Not everyone is made for operating technicalities. In business, there are bad days of encountering technical difficulties. But worry no more, as you could hire a technical virtual assistant for your business. She can easily turn your gloomy day into a sunny one. 

3. Creative Skills for virtual assistants:

  • Graphic designing: You must look for a virtual assistant that knows the right and left clicks of photoshop for branding purposes. Clients overlook this skill, but this may move your whole business to acceleration.
  • Creative writing: This is communication in a different medium. Writing skills come in quite useful in writing blog articles, social media posts, and captions. Letting them handle social media and emails means they are representing you and/or your brand. They could be talking to your market, your clients, and your business partners. If you trust their writing skills, then count that as another pound off your load. 

Reminder: Do not judge too quickly. Let your new assistant learn virtual assistant skills mentioned in this article and give her enough time to adjust. Make a room available for her to fully flourish into the best assistant that she could be.

As we end, quickly picture yourself in the most relaxing state possible, free of hassle and stress. That, my hardworking guy, is the life with a virtual assistant. By this time, you must be excited to hire your virtual assistant.

For employment that you will never regret, hire experienced and highly skilled virtual assistants in the Philippines now.

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