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Fix The Errors: How Technical Support Bring Growth to Your Business

Fix The Errors: How Technical Support Bring Growth to Your Business

Have you experienced purchasing a new electronic device and being excited to use it to find out that it won’t even start? You start to get irritated but still try to keep calm. And so you read the product’s manual again and again, but you just can’t find a way to fix the problem.

This is when you decide to call the company where you bought the device from. You talk to this person, tell them the problem, listen to you, and explain what you can do to make it work.

You follow their suggestions, and after a couple of minutes, the device finally starts to boot up.

Friends, let me introduce you to technical support. And how they save many customers from multiple headaches and uncalled tantrums.

What is a Technical Support Representative?

That person who helped the customer in our example, that’s a technical support representative.

In business, they are responsible for technical concerns. They communicate with customers through various channels such as phone calls, live chat, and emails.

Technical support representatives listen to them (customers) attentively to identify the issue accurately and give accurate solutions to resolve the problem in the fastest way.

But isn’t that just the same with what a customer service representative does?

See, this is where a lot of people go wrong. Companies are victims of this misconception too. Although it’s easy to interchange these two, they have significant differences in the roles they take in a business. Let’s dive into them.

Technical Support vs. Customer Service 

To simply put the distinction between the two, customer service focuses on making sure the customers have a pleasant experience from their products. On the other hand, technical support aims to fix the customers’ problems while maintaining a friendly vibe. 

Yes, they both listen to customers, but the reason they listen to them is entirely different. The technical support team needs to turn complicated technical jargon into layman’s terms to benefit the customers.

Here are some of the roles of technical support to further understand the differences between the two:

  • Responsible for attending to customers’ technical cases through various channels
  • Maintenance of the company’s computer systems
  • Take note of customers’ phone calls
  • Maintaining the trust of customers by the confidentiality of their information
  • Monitoring and analyzing of call logs to find trends of issues or problems 
  • Updating and improving computer networks and systems of the company

Many companies tend to neglect the importance of technical support. They choose to include this team to customer support as it allows them to reduce costs.

But what they are forgetting is that these people are responsible for technical problems and not everyone has the specific knowledge and skill set for these situations. And because of technological advancements, technical competency is expected from companies.

This is why it’s still crucial to have your tech support team as it allows your representatives to focus on what they are good at and perform their best.

The Levels of Technical Support

Support levels are structured to help the customers in the most time and cost-efficient way. Through this, the company can provide service based on the complexity of the customer’s needs. 

Technical Support Level One

This is the primary help desk. The representative at this level has broad knowledge about the product and usually answers the customers’ simple and straightforward questions. If the issues are more complicated, they transfer the concern to the next level.

Technical Support Level Two

The representatives assigned to this level assist the ones who are on the first level. They have more expertise in more unusual cases of technical issues. When the problem has been raised before, then they will provide the necessary steps to fix it.

But when it’s new and becomes more complex, the problem will be given to the next support level.

Technical Support Level Three

These are the people who have the most specialized skills among all of the levels. To identify the issue and provide an accurate solution, they need to gather all of the information from the two levels.

The people at this level are highly capable of handling the company’s most complex technical issues and challenges.

Why Is Technical Support Important in a Business?

Now that we’ve already talked about the roles of a technical support representative, the comparison of technical support and customer support, and the different support tiers of technical support, it’s time to discuss the best part. What does technical support bring to your business?

That’s easy. The most straightforward answer would be: It brings your business customers! Not just any customer but returning customers. The customers who will continue to do business with you and support your products. 

But we understand, you’re still having second thoughts. Mainly because it can get expensive to acquire a tech support team. But we’re here to turn that around and realize that it’s worth it to have one in your business. 

Let’s get started.

The Organization, Security, and Safety

Let’s start first with how tech support can help your workplace. Your company has a lot of files and information that need to be stored in a safe space. It can get challenging to manage all of these data without losing track of them.

Your tech support team can remove this problem as they can create systems that will organize and secure the company’s essential data. It’s also essential to prevent your system from getting hacked by viruses and other online threats.

Through this, there’s an assurance that your business will run smoothly, save money by foreseeing possible problems, and focus on the aspects that generate profit.

Retains Your Customers

We’re sure that your product is of high quality. But what happens if there’s a small slip of error into it and a customer fails to get the most out of it? He will try to look for other brands that will meet his expectations and soon ditch your company’s products.

But with the help of technical support, you can still keep that customer from choosing your competitors and persuade him to continue using your product.

They can provide him the assistance he needs to fix that error to the product and give him a positive experience. Retaining your customers doesn’t only mean accumulating them; it means that you’re also turning them into being advocates for your brand.

You have to put effort into pushing your customers’ product ownership into a high rate. When they like your products and services so much, they will continue to support you, which will eventually lead to the longevity of the success of your company. 

Gives Your Business A Good Name

This is what all business owners want. A good name. A good reputation. Having a technical support team is one of the steps in giving your company a good reputation.

When you have excellent technical support, it shows that you value your customers. It shows them that you listen to their concerns and want them to have the best user experience.

A positive user experience leads you to keep more customers. More customers bring you increased sales. Then finally, increased sales give you success.

But wait. It’s not that easy.

It’s crucial to learn how to provide the right technical support to your customers. Usually, eyebrows meet, and foreheads scrunch when they hear technical support.

It’s typically associated with poor service and disconnected calls. When it comes to your business, you must have the best technical support. A team that consists of highly-skilled representatives that can provide excellent assistance to your customers.

Through this, the remarks that will be said about your company will be all positive. 

In Summary,

Your technical support is just as important as the other aspects of your business. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that it will not benefit you in any way. Yes, your marketing team is responsible for acquiring new customers.

But you can’t purely rely on them to keep your customers into patronizing your brand. This is where your technical support enters the scene. No, not your customer service team. Although when the concerns are about the experience of a customer, then customer service will take care of it.

But when the situation is tied with technical issues, technical support is your best bet.

Headaches, frustrations, low customer satisfaction. These are just some of the things that you need to expect when you fail to provide technical support.

With the trend of everything being digital, it’s only right to have technical support. But not just any support. You have to offer excellent technical support.

This is achieved by having the right technical support representatives that will fit your customers’ needs. When you get your technical support right, success will surely come your way.

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