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Reasons Why Having A Blog Is Important For Your Business

Reasons Why Having A Blog Is Important For Your Business

Reasons Why Having A Blog Is Important For Your Business

Here you are, thinking whether blogging is worth it for your business.

Let us get you out of the misery and answer it for you: Yes, blogging is worth it.

But that’s not enough. There are still many questions left. How sure is this? What will a blog do for a company? Will it bring excellent results? Does it require much effort? What if it fails?

Hit the brakes right there because we’re here to explain why your business needs a blog. If you’re still having second thoughts or just need a little more convincing, you came to the perfect place.

Here are the best reasons why you should start a blog today.



Showcase Your Brand’s Personality


Creating blogs for your website allows you to show a different side of your business. You have to think of your target audience when you’re writing. You don’t want to be too straightforward and formal with your articles. Blogging allows your business to communicate with your potential customers in a friendly and conversational tone. 

Make your readers laugh. Remember, these people have a short attention span. They don’t want to read blog posts that will only leave them bored and confused.

You want them to support your blog and business. Make it easy for them to read your piece. But you still have to be professional and respectable with your words. If you can do this, then your audience will keep coming back for more.

website traffic


Drive More Traffic To Your Website


Finally, you created your business’ website. It looks good and it works well. All you have to do is wait for potential customers to visit it, learn about your product or service, and purchase from you. There you have it! A successful business story.

But it doesn’t work that way. 

You can’t just wait and hope for the wind to start whispering to people to search for your business, you have to do more than that. You need a plan of action on how to find customers and reach out to them.

How about paying for website traffic? Fair enough. But paid advertisements can get expensive and without a proper strategy, it can bring more damage to your business. And besides, shelling out excessive amounts of money for website traffic is not reasonable.

So how are you going to do it? How do other businesses get website visitors without any wishful thinking and money getting involved?

This is where blogging comes into the conversation. When you post blog content consistently, it alerts Google and other search engines that you’re active, and it gives your website higher chances of being more visible in the search results. 

Especially for small businesses, posting blog content will more likely give you opportunities of being head to head or even beating big companies in the competition.

Blogging is an inexpensive and effective way of getting more website visitors for your business. So the next time someone asks, “Why does your small business need a blog?” Tell them it’s for survival. Just think of how it can save your business from going down.



Boost Your SEO Strategy


Blogs are an excellent way to get your SEO right. Think about it: when you write an article, you have a tool wherein you can insert long-tail keywords, relevant images, and videos that people regularly search.

When you provide fresh and timely content, Google and other search engines have more content to index, which increases your chances of getting seen.

Let’s say you’re a local sneaker shop, you can write about the best white sneakers to wear or how they can take care of their collection and many more. Include specific keywords that these people commonly enter in the search bar.

These relevant topics will attract sneaker enthusiasts and convince them to check out your business. And when other websites start to link your articles on their own, your SEO gets stronger and you get more chances of ranking high.

lead generation


Generate More Leads


When you already get traffic coming to your website, it doesn’t merely end there. Come on; you worked hard on getting that traffic. You have to make the most out of your visitors.

The next step is to turn them into your leads. Having a consistent and smooth flow of new leads is an excellent sign for your business.

But how do you achieve that?

It’s easy—the good old “give and take” tactic.

Put compelling call-to-action to your blogs. You can offer a free ebook, free trial, free templates, just anything that will make a person want to give their information to you. When a website visitor indeed turns into a lead, you now have a potential customer. That’s already interested in your product or service, making it easier to convince them to be paying customers.

This can also build up your email list. Once you have the customers’ information, you can start on your email marketing. This is better than spending your hard-earned money on buying leads.

You’re just giving attention to people who don’t want to hear from you. At least when they give their information willingly, there’s the understanding that they want to learn more about your product or service.



Engage With Your Audience


As we stated earlier, your tone can be friendlier and conversational when it comes to writing your blogs. When people are delighted with the content you put out, there’s a tendency that they will start a conversation with you.

And what do you know? A blog is a great platform where you can communicate with your audience.

There are times when they will leave a comment, a question, or a suggestion, and all of these allow your business to have an online community.

Another added benefit, you can also learn about their needs through blogging. Monitor the content that most of your audience interacts with, you’ll get an idea of what they want and need from you.

Managing a business can’t always be formal and direct. You also have to know how to connect with your customers by building a connection with them. And of course, a beneficial relationship.

Take the time to talk to them, listen to their feedback, promptly respond to them, and learn how to run your business right from your people.



Establish Trust and Credibility


Hey, you’re an entrepreneur, right? This means that you think you’re an expert in your chosen industry, and you want people to know that. They need to know that.

When you share your knowledge in your field through blogging, you’re letting them know that “I know how this works, and I can help you.” You’re giving people valuable content that they can use in their challenges and problems in life. Through this, you’re positioning your business as the “go-to” product or service in the industry. 

For example, you’re a roofing company. You can write blogs about the most common roofing problems, what they should do about it, or the best types of roof materials when they want to renovate their houses.

In this way, people will be more attracted to your helpful content and will have more confidence in your business because you know what you’re talking about.

Be consistent in writing high-quality articles about the subjects that resonate with your target audience.

And the next thing you know, you already have a loyal following. Your name will stay in their minds, and the next time they need something that your business can provide, you’re the first one they will contact.

social media presence


Keep Your Social Media Presence and Exposure Going


Thinking of different ways to entertain and entice your customers in your social media accounts can be difficult. One of the many reasons your site needs a blog is that it allows you to have instant content. Instead of getting multiple headaches just to think of new posts every day, you can link your blog posts in your accounts with great pictures and descriptions. 

But there’s more. 

Through blogging, you’re also increasing your chances of getting discovered in social media. Sharing blog posts or articles on social media platforms are easy. When people link your blog posts in their accounts, a new pool of audience is awaiting. 

It provides content for your social media audience, promotes your blog posts, and drives new traffic to your website. Phew. What a great combo.



Long-term Impact To Your Business


Many people say that good things come to those who wait.

And that perfectly applies to blogs for your business. 

When you spend the time and energy to write and publish an article, you can’t help but check if it’s receiving the attention it deserves—No judgment here. We get it. You made that and you want people to recognize your efforts.

But when it doesn’t show the results you expect to see, well. Ouch. A big blow to your business. And ego. But mostly to your business.

And questioning and frustration begin. Meaning you start to question everything. Why do businesses blog? What does it even do? It’s not even that important. My company doesn’t need that.

We know that it can get discouraging when you don’t get what you want, but success doesn’t happen overnight. You have to remember that those first 50 views and ten leads in the first week after you published the article will eventually grow.

Give it some time, and it will rank in the search results. Just because it didn’t get overwhelming attention immediately doesn’t mean that it’s the end of your blogging.

Instead of beating yourself over it, focus on putting out well-written content regularly. Pay attention to the other areas of your business that need your direct concern. Hey, take a well-deserved break even. The point is, your articles will continue to get views while you do other things. 

You will never waste your time and effort, as long as you create and publish evergreen blogs.

Your business will gain more and more leads as your articles gain traction, that is what we call long-term impact. 

But there’s one word you must keep in mind: Commitment.


Now that you’ve learned the benefits of blogging for business, your hands might be itching to type and write an article right now. 

But wait for a second. 

It’s more than just writing and publishing content. It’s not just standing in the middle of a stage and waiting for people to settle down and listen to you. For them to look your way, you have to call their attention. You have to say something that interests them—Or helps them one way or another. 

It’s the same thing when it comes to blogging.

You have to know that to be successful; you have to commit. This means conducting comprehensive research on what your audience wants to read and understanding the essential keywords they continuously use to search topics.

This means finding ways on how you can become a better writer for your people. And with regards to the art of writing, it will take hours of sitting down in front of your computer and many revisions before you can hit that publish button. 

No, we’re not trying to scare you off. We encourage you to do it. The advantages of blogging are endless. We just want you to remember that commitment is what you need. A strong commitment is what it takes. And fruitful results will follow.

In conclusion, blogging for your business is still worth your time and effort.


“Why have a blog on your website?”

Blogging is still an essential tool for your business to get more traffic on your website, to show up in the searches, and to gain new leads consistently.

It’s also a great platform where you can start a conversation and engage with your customers, demonstrate your authority in the industry, and introduce your brand’s friendlier and different identity.

Your blog posts also work well with enhancing your social media presence and exposure and bringing positive results to your business.

Maintaining a blog is not easy, especially keeping up with the topics that attract other people, the process of writing, and the waiting game for getting good results. These all prove to take blogging seriously. But once you start writing and you stay patient to witness what happens next, you’ll realize why it’s worth it. 

It’s not only about the business success that you get out of it and the benefits of blogging for business. It is also about the creativity rush, the joy of sharing ideas, and the fulfillment you get when you’re able to educate other people through your expertise. 

So go ahead and set up your blog today. It’s always better to be late than never. 

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